Halftone Technology Guide

This guide provides an overview of the strategies and methods used to create halftones. It is derived from several of Stephen Herron’s tutorials.

Test Forms User Guide With Workflow Strategy

This manual describes how test forms are used to visually determine device color accuracy and provides information about various image paths.

Criteria for selecting memory colors and a use case

This research paper changed the memory colors standards by closely associating color with context and vocabulary.

Halftone Data Format Specification

Co-developed by Isis Imaging and Adobe Systems Inc. in 1997, this specification details how to save halftone images in PostScript-conforming formats.

Icefields Integrated Halftone Density Chart

For Icefields users who use density readings and need to convert to grayscale levels.

Icefields Color Management Chart

Many Icefields filters require color space transformations. This chart lists Icefields’ 32 device-linked and ICC profile transformations. This chart describes the working color space of each filter and the source and output color spaces into and out of each filter.

Capturing Errors to Improve Halftone Accuracy

This research paper presents one solution to improving halftone accuracy by capturing quantification errors. Device density changes are considered.

High Dynamic Range Image White Paper

This paper presents an overview of the current state of high dynamic range photography.

Icefields Standard Screen Algorithm

This white paper describes the Icefields FM screen algorithm.